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Flash Mob
Short Play Festival

theatre aluminous presents first annual, site-specific FLASH MOB SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL in Oakland, Sunday, August 21, 2016. Play submissions deadline is Monday, July 18, 2016.

We need Playwrights who have a story to tell for or about Oakland, can say it in 15 minutes, and who have a singular voice that’s desperate to be heard.
Playwrights, if you’re ready to write a 15 minute play that deserves a large audience, please read on below.

theatre aluminous – “seek those who fan your flames”…


theatre aluminous is a multi-racial, multimedia theatre company based in Oakland, California and we create original works in music, performance, literature, and film.

We specialize in the life and death struggles of the two-character play, more commonly known as the “two-hander”.


The FLASH MOB SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL is a site-specific play festival consisting of three, fifteen minute plays set around Oakland, California. The plays will presented in rotation and will be free to the public. The festival is the first of its kind in the East Bay.


The FLASH MOB SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL will take place at the Pergola, the Lake Merritt Amphitheatre, and the Fire Escape Gardens in Lakeside Park, Oakland, California.




With the establishment of this festival we aim to discover the next generation of Oakland playwrights, many of whom may not have been produced before, and introduce them to a larger, local audience. Additionally, we aim to revive the theatrical soul of Oakland and give the local community a way to be more involved in the cultural conversation of the Bay Area. It will also allow aluminous to partner with, and promote local emerging playwrights for our future stage productions. This festival will also have a tremendous impact not only on the emerging playwrights and artists of Oakland, but the entire Oakland community, who are desperate to have their voices heard.


To submit plays please supply name, address, phone number and attached play and send to

The deadline for submissions is MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016.


  1. Plays should be no longer than 15 minutes (unless they are absolutely brilliant, then you can have another 3 minutes).
  2. The play cannot consist of more than 3 characters
  3. The play has to be set at one of the locations listed below:
    a) Pergola (the arches at Lake Merritt)
    b) Fire Escape Gardens in Lakeside Park (Lake Merritt Gardens)
    c) The Amphitheatre of Lake Merritt
  1. The environment IS the set
  2. No sound amplification
  3. There is no charge for submissions and you can submit as many plays as you like
  4. SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS 12PM, MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016. To submit plays please supply name, address, phone number and attached play and send to
  5. theatre aluminous will provide the rehearsal space, actors, a small stipend for the selected playwright, and all promotional materials.



Aluminous started out as a sweet, multidisciplinary group of artists dedicated to exploring the life and death struggles of the two-character play, more commonly known as the “two-hander.” Seamlessly blending music, film, theatre, and anything else we could lay our hands on, each production was a 3-dimensional experience. For three years we saw nothing else worth doing and wanted for nothing more, but we came to understand that the true beauty of being Aluminous was exploring the interconnectedness of the multimedia process. And so it was with the birth of “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” that Aluminous became a multimedia theatre company telling multidimensional stories.

We now have only one objective and it is to tell brilliant, provocative stories that speak to the incredible adventure called the human experience.

If you’re desperate to create passionate theatre we are hungry to meet you, no matter your background. Help us, join us, belong to us as we leap into the dark on flights of wild imagination and create the world we’ve always dreamed of.



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